Film archive merger is in the can

Woman and child, 1944
Children of the city.
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A unique film collection merged with the National Library of Scotland on 1 April.

The Scottish Screen Archive has been at the forefront of finding and preserving Scotland's moving images since 1976. Now with more than 32,000 items, it provides a rich source of evidence of Scottish life in the 20th century. Included are:

  • home movies
  • documentaries and newsreels
  • public information films
  • advertisements.
Kitchen scene, 1951
Day in the home.
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As well as storing over 100 years of history, SSA makes thousands of hours of footage available to the public. The historical material has also proved to be a valuable educational resource and is used commercially.

Cate Newton, Director of Collection Development welcomed the arrival of the archive into NLS collections. Library users, she said, 'can now find information about Scotland in every format from manuscript to moving images.'

1 April 2007

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