New digital maps resources

Perth detail
Perth detail from the
Roy military map.

In recent weeks we have added several new resources to our highly popular collection of online maps. Three web map applications have expanded particular areas of digital mapping.

Historical military map

The Roy Military Survey of Scotland 1745-1755 is the most detailed, informative map for many parts of the Highlands in 18th century. For all of mainland Scotland it is the only standard topographic map before Ordnance Survey. You can search the map through a pilot web application.

Bathymetrical Survey texts

Rare and pioneering research from the Bathymetrical Survey of Fresh Water Lochs, 1897-1909 is now available online for the first time. The descriptive texts are still valuable and relevant today. They were digitised in a joint project between NLS and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Modern Ordnance Survey maps

Visitors to the Map Library can use our Ordnance Survey MasterMap Viewer to see detailed OS mapping for the UK from 1998 onwards. Users can compare two maps at the same time, and can zoom and pan map images to examine them in close detail.

The NLS site now carries more than 6,000 map images which are free to view. We can also provide printouts of maps. See the map enquiries and copies page for details.

25 June 2007

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