Scottish independence in focus at book festival

Andrew Marr
Andrew Marr.
© Pascal Saez

The case for an independent Scotland was one of the topics discussed at this year's National Library of Scotland Donald Dewar Lecture.

Popular BBC journalist and political commentator Andrew Marr spoke to a packed main theatre at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Monday 20 August. Marr described the late Donald Dewar, Scotland's first First Minister, as 'a very fine human being and politician'. However, he claimed that those who followed Dewar have failed to make a clear case for or against Scottish independence.

Marr said that too much time is spent on financial issues. These, he stated, are minor compared to the wider debate on how an independent Scotland would differ from one that remained part of the United Kingdom.

He also argued that climate change was the biggest single issue facing Government, whether Scottish, English or British.

Among the audience was a broad representation of Scots politicians, together with members of the Scottish media. The event was chaired by journalist Iain Macwhirter.

22 August 2007

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