Flood at George IV Bridge building

Accidental damage to a pipe caused a flood at the National Library of Scotland at 23.28 on Monday 10 September.

The incident involved damage to the Library's sprinkler system during refurbishment work being carried out in the front hall of the George IV Bridge Building. The flood was not due to a failure of the sprinkler system.

There is no major damage to the collections and any material that suffered water damage is now receiving conservation treatment.

There was some contained and superficial surface damage to a very small percentage of items but the Library's emergency team responded immediately and, with the help of Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue, cleared the water and safeguarded the collections.

The John Murray Archive was not damaged in any way.

Martyn Wade, National Librarian, said: 'We are fully assessing the impact of the incident but it appears that there is no long term or serious damage. We thank our staff and the Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade for their prompt and effective action.'

Special boxes manufactured by the Library are used to store and protect much of the collection items and these have proved very effective.

10 September 2007

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