Regional maps of Scotland go online

Detail from regional map
Ordnance Survey one-inch
map showing Durness.

Regional maps of Scotland have gone online which will particularly benefit anyone doing family or local history research.

Several hundred detailed maps covering all of Scotland from 1856 to 1936 are now part of our online collection of Scottish maps.

Among these latest additions are Ordnance Survey and Bartholomew mapping intended for walking, cycling and touring. Together they provide an excellent overview of the Scottish landscape for the period.

The Ordnance Survey one-inch to the mile maps come in three editions, covering:

  • 1856-1891
  • 1885-1900
  • 1903-1912.

We also have Ordnance Survey quarter-inch to the mile maps for 1921-1923. The Bartholomew half-inch to the mile mapping covers 1926-1935.

23 October 2007

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