A literary exhibition with a difference

Catriona Taylor
Catriona Taylor.

A ruined cottage and a suspended six-foot boat are among highlights in a unique literary exhibition that opened today.

These and other visual installations feature in Words Out of Place at the National Library of Scotland. They are the work of artist Catriona Taylor and were inspired by collections at NLS.

Highlands and Lowlands

For two months in 2007 Catriona was NLS artist in residence. Focusing on 'a response to place', she chose Sir Walter Scott's novel Heart of Midlothian and Sorley Maclean's Raasay poems to guide her work. She used them as 'lenses through which to view both Highland and Lowland history and landscape and language'.

Words on small panel

In the exhibition, her visual treatments present these words out of their normal context. Maclean's words, for example, are screen-printed on roof slates. Also presented in a new setting are letters of emigrants to North America - which appear on the boat.

Edinburgh memories

As part of the experience, Edinburgh people are being encouraged to post their memories of the city on four large maps. Catriona hopes to create art works inspired by the memories which could be displayed in the places where the memories were formed.

Words Out of Place is sponsored by Henzteeth, in association with Arts & Business Scotland. It is free and open daily until Sunday 2 March: Monday-Friday 10.00-20.00; Saturday 10.00-17.00; Sunday 14.00-17.00.

1 February 2008

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