Expanding our horizons - a three-year strategy

Strategy cover

The National Library of Scotland strategy document published this week outlines the organisation's priorities up to 2011.

Entitled 'Expanding our horizons', the strategy lists four key themes for the next three years:

  • Develop the national collections
  • Develop the organisation
  • Build relationships
  • Widen access to knowledge.

The ultimate priority is widening access, which was begun with the 2004 strategy, 'Breaking through the walls'.

The plans take in both traditional library services and digital opportunities. The aim is to meet the constantly developing needs of users through an approach that Chairman Michael Anderson and National Librarian and Chief Executive Martyn Wade describe as 'revolutionary' but 'far-reaching'.

The strategy is available online as a PDF file and in a text-only version: to access them visit our policy documents page.

9 June 2008

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