Old Bute on film

Wedding party
Wedding of the 4th
Marquess of Bute.
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The island of Bute's residents and visitors have a chance this month to see two recently discovered films from Edwardian times.

Made in 1905, 'The Wedding of the 4th Marquess of Bute' has not been seen in public for 103 years. The Scottish Screen Archive has digitally restored the film, with Heritage Lottery Fund support. It will be shown at the Bute family home, Mount Stuart, on Thursday 19 June, introduced by the family's archivist.

Tram ride in 1909

Getting its first showing in Scotland at the same event is footage of a tram ride round Rothesay in 1909. This fragment of a travelogue has also been preserved by the screen archive and will be introduced by archive curator Janet McBain.

Also on the programme are films made by a local cinema manager. The Bute film screenings start at 7pm.

12 June 2008

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