Treasures show the impact of Scottish printing

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The Lord's Prayer.
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A rich array of books, magazines, pamphlets and other printed material spanning five centuries has gone on display at the National Library of Scotland.

Our summer exhibition is 'Imprentit: 500 years of the Scottish printed word'. It celebrates the 500th anniversary of the start of printing in Scotland and explores the impact that printing and publishing have had on Scottish life.

Highlights from NLS collections

Visitors can see highlights from our printed treasures, including books, magazines, pamphlets and fanzines. We start with the 'Chepman and Myllar Prints', a volume containing unique copies of the three earliest books printed in Scotland. Among other items on display are:

Illustration from leaflet
Leaflet about Baird's
'Televisor', 1926.
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  • Scotland's first newspaper
  • The first Scottish medical book
  • The first book written by a written by a Scottish woman and printed in her lifetime
  • A leaflet revealing Logie Baird's first television apparatus
  • The Book of Common Prayer that caused a riot and led to the signing of the National Covenant
  • Keir Hardie's groundbreaking monthly journal for Scottish miners from the days before he founded the Labour Party.

'Imprentit' is free and open daily until Sunday 12 October. Find out more in the printing exhibition press release.

12 June 2008

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