Ordnance Survey Six-inch Scottish maps online

OS map detail showing railway near Perth
Detail from OS Six-inch map
of Perthshire (sheet XCVII).

Hundreds of six-inch to the mile scale maps are now part of our online collection of historic Ordnance Survey mapping. The maps date from 1843 to 1882, when Ordnance Survey carried out its earliest comprehensive survey of Scotland. Two main factors made them significant:

  • They illustrated a very wide range of natural and man-made features for the first time.
  • They were the most detailed series covering the whole of Scotland.

You can browse the Ordnance Survey Six-inch maps by county or parish, or find maps using an interactive image map and place names. We also have a Google maps overlay. Accompanying the series are a guide to OS abbreviations and a detailed essay outlining OS work in 19th-century Scotland.

These map additions follow on from revisions to our online maps collection that include a new-look maps home page. We have also added a 'recent additions' page, with a news feed, to alert maps users to updates to the collection.

6 August 2008

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