Discovering the Bartholomew Archive

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A 'Comic Geographical Sketch
of Scotland'.
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A new website offers an introduction to nearly 180 years of Bartholomew mapmaking and printing.

The Bartholomew Archive is the fascinating and extensive record of the Edinburgh firm of map engravers, publishers and printers. Started as a family firm in the 1820s, Bartholomew became internationally renowned, producing everything from charts for explorers to school atlases and globes.

As well as background to the family and firm, our web feature provides:

The Bartholomew Archive has been growing at the National Library of Scotland for many years, and we are still receiving material. In a three-year project funded by the John R Murray Charitable Trust, we are cataloguing and preserving the firm's Printing Record. This project is due to end in 2010 and will result in a fully searchable database.

20 January 2009

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