Lighthouse to show films of the River Clyde

Workers and ship at a Clyde shipyard
'Seawards the Great Ships'.

Rarely seen footage of the River Clyde will be shown at Glasgow's architecture and design centre this summer.

Films from the Scottish Screen Archive will be a key attraction at the Lighthouse's exhibition, 'The Clyde: Films of the River 1912-1971'. Running from June to September, the exhibition looks at people at work and play on the west of Scotland's main waterway.

Footage will include the first Scottish film to win an Oscar - 'Seawards the Great Ships', from 1960. The oldest film dates from 1912 and shows crowds sailing 'doon the watter' to seaside towns on the river's banks.

From Cocozza to film festival

Two other June events will feature films from our moving image collections:

  • 'Chick's Day', Enrico Cocozza: Glasgow group Butcher Boy will perform music they have composed to a 1951 film by one of their favourite film-makers - 14 June, Glasgow Film Theatre
  • Documentaries at Edinburgh International Film Festival: 'A Kind of Seeing' is an event celebrating Scotland's rich heritage of documentaries - 18 June, Edinburgh Filmhouse.

6 May 2009

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