Earliest maps of Scotland's inhabited regions go online

Town detail from OS 25 inch map
Alva town detail from
Stirlingshire 25 inch sheet

Our largest map digitisation project to date has produced over 13,000 map images for the National Library of Scotland's website.

The Ordnance Survey 25 inch to the mile maps are the earliest and most detailed mapping of all Scotland's inhabited regions. Covering the period 1855-1882, they give good details of features such as buildings, streets, farmland and rivers. The series includes all Scottish towns, villages and cultivated rural areas.

These attractive maps are particularly useful for anyone studying local history. A zoomable interface to the maps allows searching by counties, parishes and place names. Supporting the maps are guides to abbreviations, colour and symbols, and pages of background information.

For a small fee, we can supply high-quality images and striking colour printouts of the maps.

29 June 2009

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