Curtain up on Scottish theatre exhibition

Photo of John Byrne and 'cut-out' of hills and stag
John Byrne with 'Cheviot' set.
Larger John Byrne photo

Scotland's rich and vibrant theatre scene takes centre stage at the National Library of Scotland this winter.

'Curtain up' is our new exhibition, celebrating the achievements in Scottish theatre over the past 40 years.

Props, costumes, posters and film clips help take visitors on take a thematic journey starting from the early 1970s. Included are items linked with famous names such Alan Cumming, David Tennant, Tony Roper and John Byrne

From 'Cheviot' to 'Black Watch'

Featured from 1973 is John McGrath's groundbreaking play, 'The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil', first performed by the 7:84 company. From 7:84 Scotland's archive at NLS comes the 'pop-up book' set for 'Cheviot, designed by John Byrne and used by the company when the play toured Scotland.

Photo of actors in combat uniform
'Black Watch'.
Courtesy National Theatre
of Scotland.
Larger 'Black Watch' photo

Coming into the 21st century, we look at the forming of the National Theatre of Scotland in 2006, and its internationally successful production of 'Black Watch'.

Visitors get the chance to be a theatre critic and share their views on plays that have had an impact on them. Our winter events programme also includes a series of talks and panel discussions in association with the exhibition.

'Curtain up' is free and runs until 3 May. See the theatre exhibition page for more information, including opening times.

18 December 2009

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