Exhibition documents the story of golf in Scotland

Detail from handwritten rules of golf
Detail from the earliest rules
of golf.
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Scotland's importance to the story of golf is one of the themes explored in the National Library of Scotland's major exhibition in 2010.

'A swing through time' draws on historical items to help tell why an ordinary ball and stick game took off in Scotland at least as far back as 1457.

Modern trophies, alongside documents and artefacts from the intervening centuries, show how the game of golf developed into today's multi-million pound industry.

The exhibition coincides with the 150th anniversary of the Open Championship. Among the many exhibits, visitors can see:

  • The earliest 'Rules of golf', drawn up by Leith golfers in 1744
  • The first minute book of the world's oldest golf club
  • The Act of Parliament of 1457 banning golf and football
  • Sandy Lyle's Claret Jug, won at the Open in Sandwich in 1985.

The golf exhibition is free and open daily, running from 18 June to 14 November.

18 June 2010

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