Treasures display highlights the Scottish Reformation

John Knox
John Knox.

Key items relating to the Reformation in Scotland go on display for 2 months from Wednesday 1 September.

To mark the Scottish Reformation's 450th anniversary, we have selected a few iconic items from one of the most important periods in Scotland's history.

One of them is the famous and controversial work by preacher John Knox - his 'First blast of the trumpet against the monstrous regiment of women'. Among other items we also show are:

  • A papal bull (edict) threatening German monk and theologian Martin Luther with excommunication from the church in 1520, and Luther's reply to the papal bull in 1521
  • A copy of the 'Scots Confession of Faith', prepared by Knox and others. This document spelled out what the Reformed Faith in Scotland would be, and was ratified by the Scottish Parliament in 1560.

The Scottish Reformation display is free and open daily in September and October.

27 August 2010

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