Map with man's name overlay

Historic maps and Edinburgh post office directories have been brought together to form a new online research tool.

AddressingHistory, launched on 17 November, combines the listings from the directories with maps from the same years. Site users can search for historical places, people and professions, getting the results on a map and as a listing that links to the relevant directory page.

Post office directories are a valuable resource for people researching family or local history, as well as for professional historians. The tool is a pilot application, which we hope will grow as more directories and maps are included and the content is improved. Users can add to the directory information or suggest corrections, and can also explore:

  • Personalised maps illustrating family histories
  • Maps tracking changes in local communities
  • Changing distributions of trades and professions over time

The three directories in the database provide information about Edinburgh in a period covering from Scottish Enlightenment to the running of Edinburgh's first electric trams:

  • 1784-1785
  • 1865
  • 1905-1906

The tool has been developed by EDINA at Edinburgh University in partnership with the National Library of Scotland, and funded by JISC.

Read more in the AddressingHistory press release.

18 November 2010