Lionel Logue, speech therapist to King George VI, was introduced to Buckingham Palace by publisher John Murray V.

A short letter recently uncovered in the John Murray Archive at the National Library of Scotland thanks Murray for Logue's address. At the time, the future king was still Duke of York, and suffered a stammer that made public speeches in particular something of an ordeal.

Logue had successfully treated Murray's nephew, John ('Jock') Murray VI, for a stammer, which led to Murray recommending him to the Palace.

Dated 18 May 1925, the letter is signed by Baron (Lord) Stamfordham, Private Secretary to King George V. He states that he will pass on Logue's address to 'the Duke of York's people'.

NLS curator David McClay says: There has always been a lot of speculation about how the introduction between King George VI and Lionel Logue came about - even more so following the success of the film "The King's Speech".

John Murray VI's wife, Diana, recalled in an interview recently that Logue had actually been introduced to the Palace by her husband's uncle, and this wonderful item from our collection verifies that claim.'

Read more in the press release about the introduction to Lionel Logue

1 March 2011