Celebrating Scotland’s love affair with the cinema

Old photo of people queuing outside a cinema
Dunfermiline Palace Kinema, 1932.

Stars and stories that have put Scotland on the screen are being celebrated in our major summer exhibition.

'Going to the pictures: Scotland at the cinema' looks at over 100 years of film in Scotland. It was officially opened on 14 June by the Scots film director, screen-writer and television presenter Richard Jobson.

From the first 'cinemamatograph' show in Edinburgh in 1896, the exhibition takes us to the current explosion of films being made in Scotland and by Scots.

There is something for everyone — from the Highland myths, heather and tartan much loved by Hollywood to the grittier urban reality of some of modern Scotland.

More than 70 film clips are showing on nine screens, alongside exhibits such as:

Collette Colbert on old film annual cover
Film annuals featured
major stars like
Claudette Colbert.
  • Dozens of original movie posters
  • Historic photographs of Scottish cinemas
  • Examples of cinema advertising
  • Pictures of stars, both old and new.

The exhibition charts the ups and downs of cinema in Scotland from the boom years of the 1930s and 1940s to tougher times in the 1970s when television started to dominate.

Scotland's strong record in documentary film-making is included, as are a number of local films of community life in Scotland that were screened in neighbourhood cinemas.

A special walking tour has also been created in association with the exhibition, showing the whereabouts of film locations and historic cinema venues in central Edinburgh.

Read more in our cinema exhibition press release.


15 June 2012

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