Rare Robert Louis Stevenson collection coming to Scotland

Photo of Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Louis Stevenson.

An archive created from a lifelong passion for the work of Robert Louis Stevenson will soon be in Scotland.

It belonged to Ernest Mehew, a world authority on Stevenson, who started collecting in his teens and died last year aged 88.

Among some 40 boxes of papers and 2,000 books are first editions, collections of letters, reference books and magazines in which Stevenson’s work first appeared.

The papers have been donated to the National Library of Scotland, which already has an extensive Stevenson archive, and the books to Napier University.

Mehew spent his working life as a civil servant in London, but it was his devotion to Stevenson’s writing which saw him forge an international reputation as a scholar.

Together with his wife, Joyce, he collected a vast range of Stevenson material which is said to have filled every corner of their house, as well as the attic. The archive will be available to all Stevenson enthusiasts though NLS and Napier University.

Read more in the Stevenson archive press release.

28 June 2012

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