Letters of George Washington on display

George Washington portrait
George Washington.

Handwritten letters from the first President of the United States of America have gone on show at the National Library of Scotland.

George Washington's letters are among the highlights in the display 'Dreaming and declaring American independence'.

Also featured is Washington’s personal copy of his 'Official Letters to the Honorable American Congress', which he signed on the title page.

Last month a copy of the US Constitution owned by Washington sold for more than £6 million in New York, demonstrating the enormous interest in historic documents linked to the former President.


American Revolution and a new nation

The display describes the road to revolution, independence from Britain and the establishment of the new nation.

Other highlights include:

  • Excerpts from the diaries of Henrietta Liston, wife of the Scottish diplomat Robert Liston who served as British Minister to the United States
  • Benjamin Franklin’s letter to British MP David Hartley about American prisoners of war
  • Two letters by Founding Father Benjamin Rush from the post-revolution period
  • A copy of John Jay’s 1779 Act of Congress for recruiting the army
  • A 1776 edition of Thomas Paine’s book 'Common sense' printed by Scotsman Robert Bell.

The display opens on July 4 — US Independence Day — and runs until September 16.

Read more in our American independence display press release.


4 July 2012

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