Spain and Netherlands take bookbinding prizes

Four bookbinders with their bound books
From left: Raul Garcia de Madinabeitia,
Annie van Bruggen-Mevissen, Pilar Calahorra
and Juan Antonio Fernandez Argenta.

For the second year running, Spanish entrants have secured success in an prestigious international bookbinding competition.

Binders from Spain won three of the awards in the 2012 Elizabeth Soutar Bookbinding Competition at the National Library of Scotland. The fourth winner comes from the Netherlands. Prizes went to: 

  • Juan Antonio Fernandez Argenta (Spain) — Best Craft Binding
  • Pilar Calahorra (Spain) — Best Creative Binding
  • Raul Garcia de Madinabeitia (Spain) — Best Creative Binding, student award
  • Annie van Bruggen-Mevissen (Netherlands) — Best Craft Binding, student award.

Read more in our bookbinding winners press release.

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7 February 2013

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