Take one pub, add Victorian recipes and an inspired chef …

Handwritten recipe with drawings of people
Recipe for fish balls.
Handwritten recipe with drawings of pigs eating and man dining
Leg of pork á la Barrington.

One of Britain's celebrated chefs has used copies of Victorian recipes to adorn the walls of his new Edinburgh gastropub.

Tom Kitchin by Marc Miller
Tom Kitchin.
© Marc Miller.

For the Scran and Scallie, in the city's Stockbridge area, Tom Kitchin sourced the recipes at the National Library of Scotland, where he recently gave a talk.

Mid-19th century

Katherine Jane Ellice, wife of wealthy businessman and politician Edward Ellice of Invergarry, collected the recipes in the mid-19th century.

Dishes include fish balls, chicken jelly, leg of pork á la Barrington and more familiar items such as kedgeree and toasted cheese.

Humorous sketches illustrate the recipes, adding to the Scottish character of the new gastropub, where the menu features traditional Scottish dishes — 'scran' — with a modern twist.

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28 March 2013

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