100 websites give insight into British life

Web page with photo of a bus shelter
The Unst Bus Shelter website.

Future historians may turn to today's websites to learn everything from our shopping habits to what is served at school dinners.

A list of 100 websites that tell of life in Britain today has been compiled by some of the country's leading libraries.

It marks the introduction of new regulations on 6 April that will allow the UK web domain to be archived for the first time.

Important information held on websites will now be saved for future generations, just as libraries have preserved printed material for centuries.

To celebrate this landmark development, the UK's six legal deposit libraries have published the 100 websites list on the British Library website.

Along with familiar names, such as Amazon, eBay and the BBC, are some surprising Scottish additions — including a windswept bus shelter on Shetland.

Read more in our 100 websites press release.

2 April 2013

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