First Scottish books on display on Flodden anniversary

Lines of poetry from one of the first Scottish printed books
Lines from William Dunbar's
'The Ballade of Lord Bernard Stewart'
printed in Edinburgh in
or about 1508.

The only known copies of the first books printed in Scotland go on display for a few hours on Monday 9 September.

That date is the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden, the scene of a disastrous defeat for Scotland and the death of King James IV.

In 1507 James was responsible for introducing printing to Scotland by granting Walter Chepman and Androw Myllar a licence to print. Soon afterwards, they set up a printing press in the Cowgate in Edinburgh.

Known as the Chepman and Myllar prints, the surviving books from their press are rarely taken out of the National Library of Scotland's vaults.

To see these treasures from the national collections, visit our George IV Bridge Building on 9 September between 12.00 and 14.00. No need to book.

Read more in the Chepman and Myllar display press release.

5 September 2013

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