Tiny books from one of the world's great collections

Small book with one pence coin
A miniature collection of poems
by Robert Burns, from the
Gleniffer Press.

Miniature printed marvels have gone on display at the National Library of Scotland.

Some of the smallest books in the world are part of the collections at NLS, including a copy of 'Old King Cole' which broke world records in 1985. Printed in Scotland by the Gleniffer Press, at 0.9mm tall it held the title of the world's smallest book for 20 years.

Operating out of Paisley and Wigtown, the Gleniffer Press also produced the first new book of the millennium — a miniature New Testament released at midnight on 31 December 1999.

Other highlights in the free display are small sacred texts, including Bibles and the Qur'an, and other books issued by David Bryce & Son of Glasgow. Bryce was one of the world's most prolific and successful makers of miniature books.

'A tiny universe: Miniature books in Scotland' is open daily from 18 September until 17 November.

Read more in our treasures display press release.


18 September 2013

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