See Rowling's notes on special Harry Potter edition

Title page with handwriting and drawing of coat of arms
Title page.
Photo by courtesy of Sotheby's.

A rare edition of the first novel about Harry Potter has more than 40 pages of notes and drawings by author J K Rowling. 

On the title page of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', the creator of the world-famous boy wizard has written: 'Changed my life forever'.

For one week only, from Thursday 30 January a copy of this special book will be on show at the National Library of Scotland as part of the Library's 'Wha's like us?' exhibition.

We will be displaying it open at the title page, where Rowling also drew a coat of arms for Hogwarts.

Quidditch — invented in Edinburgh

In her personal annotations, Rowling makes reference to the film adaptations as well as her series of stories. Another note explains how she invented Quidditch, the game played by witches and wizards.

The book is generously being loaned to NLS by its anonymous owner, who raised £150,000 for charity when he bought it at auction last year.

Rowling famously wrote her wizard stories in cafes in Edinburgh, and Harry Potter already features in the Library's major exhibition on ideas and inventions that originated in Scotland. 'Wha's like us' is free and is open daily.

Read more in the Harry Potter book press release.

28 January 2014

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