Hundreds more Gaelic items available online

Every known out-of-copyright Gaelic item in the National Library of Scotland is now online.

Gaelic items dating back to the 17th century are now free to use on the Library's website. Around 600 items have been newly digitised, making a total of 1,200 items available from the Library's Gaelic collections.

'Rare items in Gaelic' includes:

  • The second Gaelic book printed in Scotland, Calvin's 'Catechism' of 1631. This is the only surviving copy
  • The first non-religious book in Gaelic, Alexander MacDonald's 'Galick and English vocabulary', from 1741
  • The first book of Gaelic poetry, Alexander MacDonald's 'Ais-eiridh na sean chanoin Albannaich' of 1751
  • A unique copy of an emigration poster enticing people to go to Ohio in 1822.

The release of 'Rare items in Gaelic' was announced at the National Mòd in Oban by Dr Alasdair Allan, Scotland's Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland's Languages.

Last month, the Library announced its commitment to open up access to its internationally renowned collections, with a third to be available digitally by 2025.

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13 October 2015

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