The Scott Monument under construction
The Scott Monument under construction,
from 'Sun pictures in Scotland', 1845.

The story of the early days of photography in Scotland is told in the National Library's winter treasures display.

A star attraction is William Henry Fox Talbot's 'Sun pictures in Scotland' from 1845 — one of the first books in the world to be illustrated with photographs.

'"Sun pictures" and beyond: Scotland and the photographically illustrated book, 1845-1900 highlights Scotland's leading role in the early development of photography.

It features a range of photographically-illustrated books from some of the pioneers of photography in Scotland, including:

  • George Washington Wilson
  • James Valentine
  • Thomas Annan
  • William Notman
  • John Thomson.

Globally successful businesses were founded on the booming market that developed in photographs as souvenirs for tourists. Wilson and Valentine, for instance, produced albums of prints of Scottish scenery, while Valentine of Dundee became internationally famous for producing picture postcards.

'"Sun pictures" and beyond' is on at the Library from 30 November 2016 until 26 March 2017.

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29 November 2016