Cover of 'Buke of the Howlat'
'The Buke of
the Howlat'.
Hamish McDonald
Hamish McDonald.

Published today is a website celebrating the Scots language and looking at how Scots has been used down the centuries.

'Wee Windaes' draws on the National Library of Scotland's rich collections to showcase examples of Scots language from the 15th century to the present.

Scots Scriever Hamish MacDonald produced the site in collaboration with Library staff, aiming to raise awareness of the richness and depth of the Scots language.

The starting point for the site is the 'The Buke of the Howlat', a performance poem from the 1440s, while the end point will have literary examples from the modern day.

Launching the website at the Library, Cabinet Secretary for Education John Swinney described Scots as 'an essential element of our nation's culture and heritage'.

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1 December 2016