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An Comunn Gàidhealach materials digitised

A selection of An Comunn Gàidhealach items
A selection of An Comunn Gàidhealach
items from the Library's collections.

The National Library of Scotland has digitised items published by An Comunn Gàidhealach — The Highland Association.

Available online at An Comunn Gàidhealach, the newly digitised material includes:

  • Royal National Mòd published literature
  • Mòd programmes and magazines
  • Mòd spoken word set pieces
  • An Comunn Gàidhealach journals and a range of their educational and other publications.

People can explore An Comunn's publications and thus learn about the development of the Royal National Mòd and other An Comunn activities. For example, searching Mòd programmes reveals names of past competitors and events.

Founded in 1891, An Comunn Gàidhealach supports the teaching, learning and use of the Gaelic language. An Comunn promotes the study and cultivation of Gaelic literature, history, music and art. The association also organises and runs the Royal National Mòd, Scotland's most famous Gaelic festival.

This digitisation continues the Library's commitment to Gaelic, which includes: 

See our An Comunn Gàidhealach press release.

16 October 2016


Board reappointments announced

Three Board members have been reappointed to the Board of the National Library of Scotland.

Fiona Hyslop — the Scottish Government's Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs — announced the reappointments.

Reappointed to the Board for a further four-year term from 1 February 2017 are:

Read more:

12 October 2016


Gaelic speaker sought for important role

Uicipeid: Gaelic Wikipedia logo

An exciting opportunity is on offer for a Gaelic speaker to work with the National Library of Scotland and one of the world's most popular websites.

The Library and Wikimedia UK are looking to recruit an individual to work with Gaelic groups across Scotland to develop Uicipeid, the Gaelic Wikipedia. This initiative is being funded by Bòrd na Gàidhlig and will promote the key role played by Gaelic in Scottish history and culture.

The role of Gaelic Wikipedian involves designing, managing, and delivering a programme of activities in Scottish Gaelic to help Gaelic speakers learn how to edit Uicipeid and create new or improve existing Wikipedia articles.

'This is a unique opportunity for someone who has a real commitment to the Gaelic language,' said Gill Hamilton, the Library's Digital Access Manager.

Applications are sought from outgoing and committed individuals with fluency in Scottish Gaelic and excellent training, presentation and organisation skills. The role is part time and for a fixed term of 12 months.

For more information and details of how to apply, see our press release


Obair air tòiseachadh gus dreuchd Ghàidhlig a lìonadh

Tha cothrom obrach sònraichte air èirigh airson cuideigin le Gàidhlig a bhios ag obair leis an Leabharlann Nàiseanta agus le tè de na làraichean-lìn as mòr-chòrdte san t-saoghal.

Tha an Leabharlann agus Wikimedia UK airson cuideigin fhastadh gus obrachadh le buidhnean Gàidhlig air feadh na h-Alba gus Uicipeid, Wikipedia na Gàidhlig a leasachadh. Tha Bòrd na Gàidhlig air maoineachadh a thoirt dhan iomairt seo, a bhrosnaicheas a' phrìomh àite a th' aig a' Ghàidhlig ann an eachdraidh is cultar na Gàidhlig.

Tha obair Uicipeidiche na Gàidhlig a' gabhail a-steach a bhith a' dealbhadh, a' stiùiridh agus a' lìbhrigidh prògram de ghnìomhan tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig do luchd-labhairt na Gàidhlig gus an cuideachadh gus ionnsachadh mar a dheasaicheas iad Uicipeid agus mar a chruthaicheas no mar a leasaicheas iad artaigealan Uicipeid.

'Tha seo na chothrom air leth do chuideigin aig a bheil fìor dhealas a thaobh na Gàidhlig,' thuirt Gill Hamilton, Manaidsear Ruigsinneachd Dhigiteach aig an Leabharlann.

Thathar a' sireadh iarrtasan bho dhaoine a tha brosnachail is dealasach a tha fileanta ann an Gàidhlig na h-Alba agus aig a bheil fìor dheagh sgilean trèanaidh, taisbeanaidh agus co-òrdanachaidh. Tha an obair pàirt-ùine airson ùine shuidhichte de 12 mìosan.

Airson barrachd fiosrachaidh mun obair agus mu bhith a' dèanamh iarrtas, faic am fios naidheachd againn

11 October 2016


National Library joins influential new network

Shelves of books in the National Library

Britain's biggest libraries have formed a network to expand and improve the services they offer to the public.

The National Library of Scotland is one of 24 libraries in the Living Knowledge Network, along with the British Library and the National Library of Wales. The remaining members are all public libraries, representing most of the country's biggest cities.

Their aim is to share ideas, knowledge and expertise to develop the important role of libraries in the 21st century.

See our Living Knowledge Network news release.

27 September 2016


'The sma perfect': Jessie Kesson display opens

Black and white photograph of Jessie Kesson
Jessie Kesson.

'I've never felt I would write the great big novel. I've aye wanted to write the sma' perfect!'

These words were written by Scots author Jessie Kesson (1916-1994), who rose from humble beginnings to make her mark on the literary world.

'The sma perfect' — a new treasures display at the National Library of Scotland — celebrates Kesson's work in the centenary year of her birth.

It is based on material from her archive which has been kindly donated to the Library by the author's family. This is interwoven with quotes from the author herself in her distinctive Scots.

Entitled 'The sma perfect', the display looks at key periods in Kesson's life, from her difficult childhood through to early struggles of her adult years, and on to the honours she received in later life when she became an established writer.

See also our Jessie Kesson media release.

22 September 2016


Project to preserve historical place names

Maps project website page
Detail from the GB1900 project

Volunteers are invited to join an online project to preserve Britain's historical place names.

The GB1900 project aims to create a list of up to three million place names on Ordnance Survey county maps dating from 1888-1913.

These maps show every town, village, farm, hill and wood in Scotland and the rest of Britain, but there are no detailed listings of historical place names.

When completed, the project will provide the world's largest ever historical gazetteer — a valuable free resource for local and family historians in particular.

As well as adding a place name, volunteers can contribute any personal memories they have of the place.

The National Library of Scotland is a partner in the project, along with the National Library of Wales and the University of Portsmouth.

Read more in the GB1900 project media release.

20 September 2016


Kelvin Hall – a new chapter in National Library story

Video wall at Kelvin Hall
The video wall in the
National Library of Scotland at Kelvin Hall,

The National Library of Scotland opens its doors in the west of Scotland today for the first time.

Housed in a refurbished Kelvin Hall in Glasgow, the new National Library premises extend the Library's reach out of its historic home in Edinburgh.

The development provides interactive opportunities for education, research, entertainment and inspiration.

Visitors will be able to enjoy 100 years of Scottish life on film and video held in the Moving Image Archive, with access to footage that is not available online.

They will also be able to explore the Library's vast digital collections — including e-books, maps, manuscripts, and reference works – from the earliest times to the present day. Much of this material can only be consulted on National Library premises.

'Kelvin Hall has been reborn and we are delighted to be an important part of this new leisure and cultural centre,' said National Librarian Dr John Scally.

Read more in our Kelvin Hall media release.

14 September 2016


New Board member appointed

Photograph of Ruth Crawford
Ruth Crawford.

Leading QC Ruth Crawford has been appointed to the Board of the National Library of Scotland.

Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop announced the appointment today.

Miss Crawford was nominated by the Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, reflecting the long-standing relationship between the Library and the Faculty.

She has a wealth of experience in public, planning and environmental law.

Read more in our Board appointment press release.

1 September 2016

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