Saltire Society literary awards 2005

Short leet and winners for the Saltire Society awards presented at the National Library of Scotland, November 2005.

Saltire Society/Faculty of Advocates Scottish Book of the Year Award
  • Kate Atkinson - Case Histories (Doubleday) [Winner]
  • Michel Faber - The Fahrenheit Twins (Canongate)
  • Clare Harman - Robert Louis Stevenson (Harper Collins)
  • David Harrower - Blackbird (Faber and Faber)
  • Martainn Mac an t-saoir - Gymnippers Diciadain (Ur Sgeul)
  • James Meek - The People's Act of Love (Canongate)
  • Barry Menikoff - Narrating Scotland: The Imagination of Robert Louis Stevenson (South Carolina Press)
  • Ali Smith - The Accidental (Hamish Hamilton )
Saltire Society/Royal Mail Scottish First Book of the Year Award
  • John Aberdein - Amande's Bed (Thirsty Books) [Winner]
  • Leanda De Lisle - After Elizabeth: How King James of Scots won the Crown of England in 1603 (Harper Collins)
  • Jenny Erdal - Ghosting (Canongate)
  • Alison Flett - Whit Lassyz Ur Inty (Thirsty Books)
  • Rodge Glass - No Fireworks (Faber and Faber)
  • Wendy Moore - The Knife Man: The Extraordinary Life and Times of John Hunter, Father of Modern Surgery (Bantam Press)
Saltire Society/National Library of Scotland Scottish Research Book of the Year
  • R D Connor and A D C Simpson (edited by A D Morrison-Law) - Weights and Measures in Scotland (National Museums of Scotland and Tuckwell Press) [Winner]
  • Clare A P Willsdon - In the Gardens of Impressionism (Thames & Hudson)
  • Lindsay Paterson, Frank Bechhofer and David McCrone - Living in Scotland: Social and Economic Change since 1980 (Edinburgh University Press)
Saltire Society Scottish History Book of the Year (in memory of Agnes Mure Mackenzie)
  • Michael Penman - David II (Birlinn/John Donald) [Winner]
  • John Guy - The Life of Mary Queen of Scots: My Heart is My Own (Harper Perennial)
  • Wilson McLeod - Divided Gaels. Gaelic Cultural Identities in Scotland & Ireland c.1200-c.1650 (Oxford University Press)
  • David Stevenson - The Hunt for Rob Roy: The Man and the Myths (Birlinn/ John Donald)
  • Michael Brown - The Wars of Scotland 1214-1371 (Edinburgh University Press)

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