Statement from the National Library of Scotland

Response to the Ministerial announcement on 'Scotland's Culture',
19 January 2006

The National Library of Scotland (NLS) welcomes the Minister's announcement that the Scottish Screen Archive will merge with the Library.

NLS notes the Minister's objective of shared working across the national collections. The Library is always keen to operate more effectively and efficiently and looks forward to continuing discussions with the other national collections to identify ways of further improving efficiencies and enhancing access to the collections.

NLS is pleased that the Minister has confirmed the continuation of direct funding of the national collections by the Scottish Executive.

NLS welcomes the recognition that the Library and other national collections can play a role, where appropriate, in advising and assisting the public library service in Scotland.

NLS also welcomes the announcement of a project to promote the digitisation of Scotland's culture within the Executive's overarching digitisation strategy. NLS is carrying out significant and innovative work in digitisation, including the development of a Digital National Library of Scotland, delivered through the internet, which will significantly widen access to the Library's collections. We look forward to working with other agencies to develop this work further and establish Scotland as a model for good practice in making cultural heritage available through the web.

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