Library's response to Cultural Review

National Library of Scotland welcomes vision for 21st century

Statement in response to Scottish Executive's Cultural Review

The National Library of Scotland has welcomed the opportunity to help shape how its services will fit into the Cultural Review announced by the Scottish Executive.

Martyn Wade, the National Librarian said: 'This is an excellent opportunity to map out a vision for the provision of all cultural and related services for the people of Scotland for the foreseeable future. It will allow all organisations to have their say and paint a picture of how they envisage providing facilities over the coming decades. We welcome the establishment of the Cultural Commission and look forward to taking part in the Review.'

The National Library of Scotland is one of Scotland's oldest institutions and has already started to put in place changes to the way it is run. Greater access to the Library's wealth of information is at the core of the Library's own strategy for change along with the need to provide excellent service for all users of its research and learning facilities.

The Chairman of the Library Trustees, Professor Michael Anderson said: 'The National Library has developed a strategy to change the way its services are used by the public in Scotland and access and excellence are key to this strategy.

'Web use has increased five fold in recent years and it will be an area we focus on even more in the future. It allows people not just in Scotland but everybody with interests in all things Scottish to access the plethora of information that we store. As well as a knowledge institution dedicated to education and lifelong learning, we support economic development and access to culture.'

The NLS is currently seeking to secure the John Murray Archive for the nation. This multi-million-pound treasure trove of writings would be at the heart of the efforts to encourage greater use of one of the country's great institutions.

21 April 2004

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