Ian Hamilton Finlay and five collaborators

National Library of Scotland launches Ian Hamilton Finlay exhibition

On Monday 14 March the National Library of Scotland launches a new and unique exhibition on the relationships between poet and artist Ian Hamilton Finlay and five of his collaborators.

Over the years there have been many exhibitions of Finlay's work but few of them have dealt with his smaller paper works or more importantly his practice of working with a number of collaborators, many of whom are artists in their own right.

'Ian Hamilton Finlay: of Conceits and Collaborators' goes some way to addressing this by viewing Finlay through five of his collaborators, giving an insight into the collaborative relationships which are key to his modus operandi.

The five collaborators are Michael Harvey, Gary Hincks, David Paterson, Tom Bee and Robin Murdoch. Michael Harvey is a letter-designer and cutter, his work can be seen in cathedrals at Canterbury, Winchester and Salisbury. He was responsible for the inscriptions for Edinburgh's Playfair Project. Gary Hincks is an artist, illustrator and designer specialising in illustrating the Earth's dynamic systems. His work is widely published in Europe and the USA by the Natural History Museum, BBC Worldwide and the British Geological Survey. David Paterson is a photographer, he has published numerous books on landscape and travel photography. Tom Bee is a commercial artist and typographer. Robin Murdoch is a printer's representative.

The exhibition runs from Monday 14 March until Wednesday I June in the National Library of Scotland's George IV Bridge Building. Entry is free. For more information please call 0131 622 4807, or email events@nls.uk

10 March 2005

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