Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries

The Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries (ALDL) will be moving to Edinburgh in March 2009. The National Library of Scotland (NLS) is taking ownership and management of the Agency on behalf of five legal deposit libraries. From 2 March 2009 the Agency will be based in the NLS Causewayside Building in Edinburgh, and publishers are requested to deposit all material with the new Agency from that date.

The current Agency, based in central London, has been run administratively by the University of Cambridge. The Agency has outgrown its accommodation, and there is no capacity for expansion or improved efficiencies. The five legal deposit libraries intend to integrate the Agency processes even more closely with their own operations.

The move of the Agency will mean that legal deposit material will in future be received in Edinburgh, rather than London, where it will be processed and sent on to the libraries. The move does not change the legal deposit requirements that publishers in the UK and Ireland must meet under the terms of the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 (UK) and the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 (Ireland).

Peter Fox, Cambridge University Librarian, said: 'The Agency's London premises have been running at capacity and beyond for some time, have no room for expansion and are not cost-effective. This is a solution that brings longer term security and benefits the Agency, the legal deposit libraries and all those who need efficient access to the national published archive.'

Martyn Wade, National Librarian and Chief Executive of the National Library of Scotland, said: 'We are delighted to be bringing the ALDL to Scotland. This move will help all of the legal deposit libraries by reducing costs and improving workflows. It will also enable us to improve relationships with the publishing community with added flexibility and collaborative working practices.'

From 2 March 2009, the address for the Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries is:

The Agent
Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries
161 Causewayside

Further information about the new agency, including practical information on delivery arrangements, is available from the ALDL website. Enquiries can be sent to:


National Library of Scotland
George IV Bridge

Tel: 0131 623 3700


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23 January 2009

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