National Library of Scotland to save £18k after green tech boost

A joint release with powerPerfector

The National Library of Scotland has boosted its green credentials after installing energy efficiency technology which should lead to a 10 per cent drop in electricity costs.

The Edinburgh-based library is Scotland's largest. It houses 14 million printed items, as well as 100,000 manuscripts, two million maps, and 25,000 newspaper and magazine titles.

The introduction of Voltage Power Optimisation will see an annual saving of over £18,000 and 140,000kg of CO2. The Library hopes to see a return on investment within three years.

Martyn Wade, National Librarian and CEO of the National Library of Scotland, said: 'As with any business in the current climate, we were keen to reduce costs and had looked extensively at the energy efficiency market. These new measures appealed, not only because of the significant reduction to our electricity bills but the power quality benefits that would help secure supply to the building.'

Voltage Power Optimisation reduces energy costs and the associated carbon emissions by improving power quality and optimising the voltage supply level so your electrical equipment operates more efficiently. As a result, it consumes less energy and reduces an organisation?s carbon footprint.

Angus Robertson, CEO of powerPerfector, said 'Picking the right supplier is vital. Supply side installations hold far more risk than demand side ones - if low energy lights or motors fail it can be worked around - if the supply goes down tens of thousands of pounds can be lost and the health and safety risks escalate dramatically. Our 100 per cent reliability record is reassuring for our clients.'


National Library of Scotland
George IV Bridge

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26 September 2010

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