Bookbinding award winners

Art of bookbinding celebrated at NLS

An international competition organised by the National Library of Scotland (NLS) to celebrate the art of bookbinding has been won by entries from Spain.

The Elizabeth Soutar Bookbinding Competition is now in its 19th year and attracts binders from all over Europe. It aims to encourage the practice and development of both creative and craft binding skills which display individual expression and originality.

The 2011 award was announced on Tuesday evening (January 31) and the winner of the Best Craft Binding award was Carlos Montoya, while the Best Creative Binding award went to Eduardo Gimenez Burgos. They were each awarded a prize of £1,200. The student award for the best craft and best creative prize was awarded to Concepcion Luna Sanchez-Alamo who received two cheques for £600. All the winners are from Spain.

Their artful creations are now set to go on public display at the National Library of Scotland alongside this year's shortlisted entries. They can be seen in the foyer area of the NLS George 1V Bridge Building in Edinburgh for the first two weeks of February.

Rab Jackson, Preservation and Conservation Manager at NLS and one of the three competition judges, said: 'We had 23 entries this year which all demonstrated a high level of skill and hard work that shows that the art of bookbinding is in extremely good health. The fact that we have entries from so many countries also demonstrates the high regard in which this award is held across Europe.'

1 February 2012

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