Scottish Books Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

National Library of Scotland -
Why an electronic list?

A recent questionnaire sent out to our member libraries revealed that the majority expressed support for the idea of creating the Scottish Books Exchange as an electronic listing on the National Library of Scotland's website. We hope you will find the new electronic listing easy to use. We welcome any comments or suggestions for any changes or improvements you would like to see implemented in the future.

How do I register?

On the login/welcome screen use the Register button in the New SBE User box. Follow this button to the registration screen and complete and submit the template with the required library details. After confirming your details you will be emailed a password to access the SBE website.

I’ve forgotten my password. How do I retrieve it?

To be sent a reminder of your password go to the initial login/welcome screen and you will see Password? at the bottom centre of the screen. Press the Continue button and you will be asked to type in your e-mail address. The screen will then display a reminder of your password.

Can a branch library register separately from their Library Headquarters’ address?

Yes, but the address that the branch library supplied during registration will be the address where all the books that they have requested will be delivered. Also, if other libraries request titles which the branch library has offered to the list, then all e-mails will be sent to the branch library at the e-mail address supplied during registration.

Is it possible for two staff members from the same library address to use the same login e-mail and password?

Yes, but the address and contact name that was originally supplied during registration will be the name/address where all the requested books will be delivered. Also, if other libraries request titles which have been offered to the list, then all e-mails will be sent to the e-mail address supplied during registration.

Is there any restriction on the subject content of books offered to the SBE?

Traditionally, the subject matter of the offered material has contained Scottish content or, it has been material published within Scotland. If you are unsure, please just submit the title and ILS staff will contact you if it is not suitable for the list.

How do I offer a book to the list?

Its easy! Just select Add to the List and select the format of the item(s) that you wish to offer by pressing the Book, Journal or Nonprint item buttons which are near the top of the page. Depending on your selection, a template for these different formats will appear on the screen. Fill in the template with your publications' details.

If you have more books to add press the Add Next Book button and continue by selecting the required format and adding the publication details. After you have added your last book press the Submit and View button. Your offers will now be added and displayed at the top of the main compiled list.

How many books can I offer to the list?

There is no limit at present. Please submit as many as you wish.

How much information is required for each title?

Just add all the bibliographic details/information that is available. Our templates only provide guidelines on the required information to enable other libraries to recognise the type of material on offer.

How do I add multiple copies of the same book?

You can easily submit multiple copies of the same book. Use the drop-down menu bar next to Number of Copies to highlight the number of books you wish to add.

How long do the books I have offered stay on the list?

All books will remain on the list for a maximum of two months from the submission date. If books have not been requested after two months then an e-mail will be sent confirming that allocation was unsuccessful.

What do I do with the books I offered that nobody wanted?

The submitting library is invited to dispose of those titles by any other routes such as book sales, charities, pulping etc. You can also re-submit books to the SBE list.

How do I request a book?

Its easy! Just select View the List and decide which books you wish to request. On the left of the page there is a Request column. Tick the boxes in this column, next to the books you would like to receive. After you have completed your selection, at the bottom of the page there is a Request Book(s) button which you should now press. Once this button is pressed you are asked to confirm your selections. At this stage you can de-select any books that you have decided not to receive by un-ticking the boxes. Once you are sure of all the books you wish to receive, press the Confirm Request(s) button. An e-mail will now be sent to your library confirming your selection(s) and other e-mail(s) will be sent to the supplying library/libraries notifying them of the books you have requested. Books will then be sent to the contact name and address that you supplied when you registered.

Can I re-arrange the list into a different order?

Yes. By default the list is arranged with the newest submitted books at the top of the list but you can easily change this if you wish. At the top of the page are headings for Title, Author, Publisher, Date and Format. Simply click on any of these headings to arrange the list in that order.

Is the list searchable? Can I search for just journals with the word Scottish in the title?

Yes. At the top of the list you will see + . In the box just type in the word Scottish and in the drop down menu bar simply select Journals only. After pressing the View Results button you will receive a list of results relating to your specified search.

What’s that Full Info button for?

Unfortunately, we could only fit so much information into each line of the list. After pressing the Full Info button a box will open up which displays all the available information on that specific item. Hopefully, this extra information will help assist the selection process.

Why are several copies of the same title listed separately?

There are many libraries submitting to the list so it is possible that more than one library could submit the same book.

What costs are involved in using the SBE?

The only costs are for postage should the supplying library wish to reclaim their postage from the requesting library.

What are the recommended payment procedures if I have to pay the postage costs?

The options are:

  1. Pay postage costs by using the BLDSC claims procedure. To do this you require the supplying library's permission to make a claim using this procedure and you will also need their BLDSC customer account number (i.e. 87-XXXX) as well as a unique request/reference number (i.e. NL12345) so that the payment can be identified. Payment can then be debited from the requesting library's account and credited into the supplying library's account.
  2. Pay postage costs by sending the amount in postage stamps.
  3. The supplying library can raise an invoice for the postage costs.
  4. Libraries may also use the Scottish Libraries Transport Scheme.
Is it possible for non-Scottish libraries to participate?

Yes, eventually any UK library will be entitled to register to exchange their Scottish material.

How do I exit from the SBE?

There is no need to log-off or log-out. Simply leave by going to another website.

Many common questions about the SBE can be answered in the FAQ.
For any other help, comments or suggestions please contact Acquisitions. Email: Tel: 0131 623 3700 (ext. 3935)