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Muriel Spark in the 1960s
Muriel Spark photographed
in the 1960s.

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Join the campaign to make Muriel Spark's personal archive available in its entirety at the National Library of Scotland.

Dame Muriel's archive is truly extraordinary.

Through the collection of personal papers of this remarkable author and poet we glimpse another world — a world with casual correspondence from Jackie Onassis Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor, Gore Vidal and Harold Macmillan.

Hand holding a Muriel Spark passports
One of Dame Muriel's passports.

Boxes containing Muriel Spark archive material
Boxes of archive material waiting
to be catalogued.
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The archive contains everything from precious manuscripts and fascinating correspondence with other leading literary figures to photographs, newspaper cuttings and even shopping receipts. It is endlessly engrossing.


The aims of the campaign

While we already own much of the archive, we now would like to buy the last portion of it and to catalogue its entire contents.

But we need your help to raise £250,000 to complete this project. Our aim is to raise the money and catalogue the archive by 2018, the centenary of Muriel Spark's birth.


Your support

It is really easy to become involved in this campaign: please visit our Everyday Hero online donation page.

Thank you for your support.


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