'Crime Scene Edinburgh: 20 years of Rankin and Rebus'

An exhibition supported by Scottish & Newcastle

Photo of Ian Rankin
Ian Rankin in the 'Oxford Bar' that was
recreated in the exhibition.

'Wish You Were Here' exhibition, 2003
Visitors at the 'Rankin and Rebus'

'Crime Scene Edinburgh: 20 years of Rankin and Rebus' was a popular National Library of Scotland exhibition held in 2008.

It explored the influences shaping the work of renowned Edinburgh-based author Ian Rankin and his enduring literary character, Inspector Rebus.

Scottish & Newcastle (S&N) was the exhibition's major sponsor, receiving recognition in the following key ways:

  • Branding within the NLS exhibition
  • Sponsor's logo on advertising posters, exhibition leaflets, promotional bookmarks
  • Branding on advertisements on public transport
  • Extensive media coverage including articles in' The Scotsman', 'The Times' and 'The Herald', and coverage on Sky News
  • An alignment with the strong national brands of NLS, Rankin and Rebus.

How successful was the exhibition?

  • The exhibition attracted 8,255 visitors
  • It achieved an estimated media coverage value of £300,000
  • It was supported by an imaginative programme of public events and educational workshops.

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