As part of our preservation policy we normally retain camera negatives and therefore we supply copy microfilm. We supply a positive film, unless you ask for a negative.

Prices from 1 September 2013:

  • If film exists: £44.20 per reel (whole reels only)
  • If film does not exist: £44.20 minimum charge
    £0.82 per exposure for reels with 50+ frames.


Where microfilm exists

We only supply entire reels of copy microfilm where a microfilm exists.


Where no microfilm exists

We will charge per frame with a minimum charge of £44.20 if microfilm does not exist. Where the order is part of a larger work, we reserve the right to film and charge for the complete work.


Photocopies from microform

  • A4 — £0.90
  • A3 — £1.10


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