Permission to reproduce

The National Library of Scotland provides copies of material in its collections on the understanding that no copy will be reproduced without the Library's written permission.


  1. Applications to reproduce material from the Library's collections must be made in advance and in writing to the appropriate department or to:

    Head of Reference Services
    National Library of Scotland
    George IV Bridge
    Edinburgh EH1 1EW
    Scotland, UK

    Tel. +44 (0)131 623 3700

  2. Applicants must provide the fullest possible details of the planned use of the material requested:
    1. Proposed use of the material (please be as precise as possible)
    2. Purpose of work or intended audience
    3. Author, title and date of proposed publication
    4. Name and address of publisher, producer etc.
    5. Proposed print run, duration of exhibition, number of broadcasts etc.
    6. Proposed price
    7. World or single country distribution
    8. Any other relevant information
  3. Applicants must provide the fullest possible details of the material to be reproduced:
    1. Author, title and date
    2. Page number, title of the illustration, and any other relevant information
    3. Library shelfmark (if known)
    4. Reference source
  4. Where the item is within copyright the applicant must also obtain written permission from the copyright holder for copying and reproduction. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all neccessary permissions have been obtained

  5. Permission to reproduce material from the Library's collections is granted subject to the terms and conditions specified by the Library. Reprints, further editions or any other use of the material require further application and are not covered by any previous agreement and / or payment

  6. Permission to reproduce material relates to one-time, non-exclusive use.
  7. Material must not be passed on to a third party for use other than that specified in the original agreement

  8. Reproduction fees must normally be paid at least 30 days before the use for which permission has been granted

  9. We reserve the right to claim a complimentary copy of the work in which the material appears

  10. Acknowledgement must be made: 'Reproduced by permission of the National Library of Scotland'

  11. We reserve the right to refuse premission to reproduce material from its collections

  12. We reserve the copyright on photographs, films and reproductions of its collections in any format

  13. Applicants requesting permission to reproduce maps from the Library's collections are reminded to consult the Map Library Service leaflet 'Permission to reproduce maps supplied by the Map Library'

  14. To apply for permission to reproduce digital images of material in the Library's collections, please use the application form provided in PDF format.

Permission to reproduce material from NLS collections is dependent upon full acceptance of our terms and conditions and the payment of any fees.

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