Self-service scanning, photocopying and microform printing

We provide self-service scanning and photocopying from general collection items and print-outs from microforms.

Scanned images can be saved (in colour) to memory stick or printed A3 or A4 to black and white printers. 

Print-outs from microform can be printed A3 and A4 to black and white printers.

For conservation reasons, all items must be examined by staff at the Enquiry Desk before being copied. In those instances where damage may occur, our specialist Reprographic Services may be able to provide alternative copying services.

Please observe the copyright guidance provided on notice boards beside the scanner / copiers.


Self-service copying charges

Prices from 1 June 2011:

  • Colour scan to memory stick  —  £0.10
  • A4 black and white copy  —  £0.20 per page
  • A3 black and white copy  —  £0.20 per page

Self-service microform printing:

  • A4 black and white print  —  £0.20 per page
  • A3 black and white print  —  £0.20 per page



You must buy a copy card from the Enquiry Desk to use the scanning and photocopying facilities. One of the microfilm printers also requires a copy card. Payment for printouts from the touchscreen microform scanners must be made at the Enquiry Desk.


Copy card charges

£1.00: 10 scans or 5 photocopies or 5 microform printouts

£5.00: 50 scans or 25 photocopies or 25 microform printouts

£10.00: 100 scans or 50 photocopies or 50 microform printouts


Copying services

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