We will work to ensure that everyone who can benefit from the Library's unique collections, services and expertise can do so, by improving access and creating a welcoming environment, both onsite and online, for all our customers.

Our commitment to you is to:

  • Ensure our services are available to everyone.
  • Provide a welcoming and accessible environment.
  • Be courteous, helpful and professional when dealing with you.
  • Help you to find the information you need quickly and efficiently.
  • Take care of the Library's collections to ensure that they stay in good condition for our users now and in the future.
  • Welcome your comments and suggestions to help us improve our services.

To help us achieve this we ask you to:

  • Treat all Library materials with care.
  • Be courteous to other users and staff.
  • Read and follow the Library's terms and conditions.
  • Help improve our services by giving us your feedback.

If you have any suggestions or comments to make, please send them to:

National Librarian
National Library of Scotland
George IV Bridge

Tel: 0131 623 3700
Email: nationallibrarian@nls.uk

Customer service standards

Accessibility and equality
Our services and buildings will be open and accessible to all. We will promote equality and diversity in all of our activities and in the way we treat customers and employees. We will set appropriate targets relating to accessibility and equality and monitor and evaluate our performance against them. We will use the results to inform future plans and actions.

Openness and confidentiality
The Library is committed to being open about its corporate information, following the principles of the Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulations legislation. Confidentiality of customers' personal information will be maintained in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

Our staff will be welcoming, courteous and approachable. They will be identifiable by name and their appearance will be neat and tidy.

Enquiry process
Our contact details will be easily found and all enquirers will be treated in a welcoming manner. Our staff will be trained to deal with enquiries appropriately and they will be well informed about our services and facilities. They will display interest in a customer's enquiry and professionalism when providing a response. Our responses will be courteous, accurate and unbiased.

We will conserve, preserve and secure the Library's collections while ensuring the widest possible access to them. We will welcome suggestions for collecting material which falls within our collecting policy.

We will provide a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment for customers.

Suggestions and complaints
We will welcome all suggestions and feedback about our services and act upon them appropriately.


Using the Library