Book delivery times

The National Library of Scotland's collections are housed in the George IV Bridge Building and in an offsite store approximately one mile apart. In addition, legal publications, held by the Advocates Library, may be delivered to the General Reading Room for consultation by holders of one of our library cards.

The main catalogue provides information on where items are held and which reading room to use. Always check this information before requesting any material.

This guidance relates to book requests placed during a visit to our buildings. If you wish to place a request before your visit, please see preorders and reserves page for information regarding these services.


Material stored offsite

We will deliver items stored offsite at the following times:

  • 09.30
  • 10.30
  • 11.30
  • 12.30
  • 13.30
  • 14.30
  • 15.30
  • 16.30
  • 18.30

We must have your request 50 minutes before a delivery. Please note that there is no delivery at 17.30 and that deliveries stop at 18.30.


Material stored in George IV Bridge

We will deliver items stored in George IV Bridge at the following times:

  • 10.00
  • 11.00
  • 12.00
  • 13.00
  • 14.00
  • 15.00
  • 16.00
  • 17.00

We must have your request 35 minutes before a delivery. After 17.00 there are no set delivery times and items will take approximately 40 minutes to arrive.

  • Material held by the Advocates Library for consultation in the General Reading Room:
    Three deliveries daily Monday-Friday (11.15; 14.15; 15.45). We recommend that you submit your requests before 12.00 to allow same-day delivery. See preorders and reserves page for additional information.


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