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Title  Letter from a tradesman, recently arrived from America, to his brethren in trade
Publisher  London: E. Wilson, 1835
Date of Publication:  1835  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (A-83,470-83,471)

Author:  ?Hodgkinson, John
Title  Letters on emigration by a gentleman lately returned from America
Publisher  London: Printed for C. and G. Kearsley..., 1794
Date of Publication:  1794  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (19,957)

Author:  Barneby, William Henry
Title  Life and labour int the far, far West: being notes of a tour in the Western States, British Columbia, Manitoba and the North-West Territory
Publisher  (London: 1884)
Date of Publication:  1884  
Shelfmark:  [E.139/2.c.9]

Author:  Delano, Alonzo
Title  Life on the plains and among the diggings: being scenes and adventures of an overland journey to California...
Publisher  New York: Miller, Orton & co., 1857
Date of Publication:  1857  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (A-83,985-83,990)

Author:  Flint, James
Title  Letters from America, containing observations on the climate and agriculture of the Western states, the manners of the people, the prospects of emigrants, etc.
Publisher  Edinburgh: Tait, 1822
Date of Publication:  1822  
Shelfmark:  E.136.d

Author:  Hall, Edward Hepple
Title  Lands of plenty: British North America for health, sport and profit: a book for all travellers and settlers
Publisher  London, W. H. Allen & Co.; Toronto: James Campbell & Son, 1879
Date of Publication:  1879  
Shelfmark:  E.139/2.e

Author:  Harper, Avril
Title  Live and work in the United States
Publisher  London: Grant Dawson, 1994
Date of Publication:  1994  
Shelfmark:  HP2.95.2482

Author:  Herring, Armine Styleman
Title  Letters from abroad, with hints to emigrants proceeding to the new dominion of Canada
Publisher  London, 1871
Date of Publication:  1871  
Shelfmark:  1871.10(9)

Author:  Inches, James
Title  Letters on emigration to Canada
Publisher  Perth: J. Inches, 1836
Date of Publication:  1836  
Shelfmark:  Hall.191.e

Author:  Johnson, Charles Britten
Title  Letters from the British settlement in Pennsylvania...
Publisher  Philadelphia: H. Hall; London: John Miller, 1819
Date of Publication:  1819  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (A-40,310-40,313)

Author:  McVicar, Robert
Title  Letters on emigration from the British Isles: and the settlement of the waste lands in the province of Canada
Publisher  Hamilton, Ont.: S. Hewson, 1853
Date of Publication:  1853  
Shelfmark:  Mf.Pres.33(1); ABS.1.92.124