Special and Named Printed Collections


Although the majority of the photographs and photographically illustrated books are scattered throughout the collections of the Library, a separate shelf-mark was created for new accessions of photographic material in all formats in 1978. At present this contains c. 400 separate items, dating from the 1840s onwards: positive silver prints (of all processes), photomechanical prints; waxed-paper, film and glass negatives; lantern slides, miscellaneous albums, and photographically illustrated books. The collection contains a total of c. 10,000 photographic images and is augmented through donation and purchase, with an emphasis on Scottish material in general and on photographically-illustrated books. Important photographic items in the general collections are being gradually replaced at this location. The earliest item in the collection is a copy of William Henry Fox Talbotıs Sun Pictures in Scotland ([London], 1845), containing 23 salted-paper prints.

R. Ovenden, ıRecent Acquisitions of Travel Photography by the National Library of Scotlandı, Scottish Photography Bulletin, 2 (1992), 11-20.

Shelfmark: Phot.

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