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The Library?s holdings of atlases and maps were considerably enhanced in 1995 by the gift of 36 atlases and maps in 53 volumes collected by John Bartholomew (1890-1962), of the Edinburgh-based cartographic publishing house of the same name, who was a former Trustee of the Library. The collection was presented in his memory by the Bartholomew family, having been on deposit in the Library from 1985. The atlases and maps range in date from 1525 to 1865, and consist of fine examples of Italian, Bavarian, Dutch, French and English cartography. Italian-published works include a good copy of Livio Sanuto?s superbly engraved Geografia...di...Africa (1588), Vincenzo Maria Coronelli?s Isolario dell?Atlante Veneto (1696-97), and Sir Robert Dudley?s Dell?Arcano del mare (the first sea atlas by an Englishman), both 1646 and 1662 editions. The Dutch school of cartography is well represented by a copy in rich contemporary colour of Joan Blaeu?s Novum ac Magnum Theatrum Urbium Belgicae Foederatae (1649), the six-volume Dutch text edition of Willem & Joan Blaeu?s Toonneel des Aerdriicx, ofte Nieuwe Atlas of 1648-55, Gerhard Mercator?s Atlas Minor of 1628, the 1609 edition of Abraham Ortelius?s Theatrum Orbis Terrarum and an outstanding copy in contemporary colour of Johannes van Keulen?s two-volumed De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Werelt (1681-84). French cartography includes Le Neptune François produced by the Département de la Marine in 1773, and Guillaume Dheulland?s Théatre de la Guerre en Italie of 1748.

A shelf catalogue is available; draft records are also in the Map Library Catalogue.

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