Special and Named Printed Collections


A miscellaneous collection of 45 items from the Royal Scottish Museum gifted to the Library in 1964. The collection contains a number of fine vellum bindings, two tortoiseshell bindings, an enamelled and a silk embroidered binding, and a copy of William Ged?s stereotyped edition of Sallust (Edinburgh, 1744). There is also an unidentified printed book of hours, with hand-coloured initials, possibly printed in Lyons c. 1490 by Simon Vostre. A small collection of manuscripts of the 16th and the 17th century, consisting of single leaves and initials, was also presented by the Museum in 1964.

The manuscripts are catalogued and indexed in Vol. XVII (unpublished) of the Library?s Catalogue of Manuscripts.

Shelfmark: R.S.M.

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